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Welcome to Birchwood Digital, our mission is to provide extremely effective AND affordable advertising to hundreds of business owners just like you at a FAIR price. In the case that one of our packages just aren’t the perfect fit for you or your goals, we provide a range of alternatives to still get even startups an advantage online.

No Holds Barred

Total transparency.

We aren’t pulling any punches. When you sign up for a consulting service with Birchwood Digital we have a bespoke process to get you search engine optimization results. Search engine journal did a study among many that showed in almost 50% of all cases search engine marketing had the highest ROI. Don’t get left out online while your competition gets ahead. Even if you’re new to marketing, put your trust in getting a safe and ethical massive advantage over your marketplace.

True insight unique to your situation

Experts at analyzing websites and getting to the heart of the issue regardless of your content management system.

Our team looks individually into your website or competitions, this isn’t some “cookie-cutter” robot generated report, nor is it a “one-size fits all” template. These reports are 100% completely tailored to you with manual labor from experts that care about crawling through your project with a fine comb to ensure the best results possible.


Our SEO Audits and Competitive Analysis include…

Responsive Themes

We look into the desktop, tablet/iPad, and mobile versions of your website to diagnose any user experience issues that potentially is losing you sales.

Technical Analysis

Your URL structures, OG data, schema data, various plugins and much more is analyzed to determine what you might be missing out on. We look at what Google wants to see.

World Class Support

If you run into an problems with our SEO report, simply contact our team and we will get back to you. We will make this process as simple for you to understand as it possibly can be!

Site Architecture Analysis

We look at how your website is set up and determine if there are any URL issues that are causing you to miss out on expsoure across Google.

Best Practice Fixes

We look to diagnose if there are any technical user experience issues (UX), black hat SEO (bad SEO), improper and or broken linking, misuse of 301’s, 303’s, 404’s, canonicals, etc… and much more.

Keyword Mapping

We provide URL structures to implement, and keywords to pursue that your competition is neglecting. These keywords are well in your best interests to pursue because they’re optimized for traffic!

Robust Documentation

Our audits are extremely complete, intuitive, and comprehensive. All of your data is completely confidential. With high level of transparency, you will have a solution for SEO.

Video Tutorials

We give extremely simple, over the should tutorials on how to fix these issues. If your website is not qualified for analysis we provide a money-back refund, so you literally have nothing to lose in this case.

Any questions I had were gladly answered by Mike. His video tutorials gave me a very transparent audit; and a form of trust. He now has gained a long term customer, thanks a lot Mike!

The PBN Course Guy

"Earlier this year, we contracted the services of Birchwood Digital to audit our website and suggest a viable roadmap for improving our rankings in the major search engines. Michael and his team have an in-depth knowledge of audit tools and metrics, and they made the process simple and easy to understand."

Online Jazz Guitar Teacher

"Birchwood digital exceeded our expectations, and I would have no hesitation recommending their audits to companies who wish to quickly gain a competitive advantage in their industry."

Marketing Consultant for Architects


Professional paris photographer’s real testimonial

Fantastic job Michael! I watched all the videos and content you put out, it’s really complete. Thanks a lot your help is priceless and really appreciated!

New York City Salon Owners REAL TESTIMONIAL

Thank you for your time and the effort to posture the proper roadmap of understanding.

It has opened our eyes to the opportunities that are right before our eyes. We very much would like to work out an arrangement for your support with our marketing direction with the web.

Guitar Affiliate Sales in Holland REAL TESTIMONIAL

I finally found a great company to do audits. Tried many, but Michael’s service is what really stood out to me. His audit is super comprehensive and goes into big details I haven’t seen elsewhere.


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