Are you a Charity?

Birchwood Digital extends Pro Bono/ At Cost SEO services to International NGOs, National NGOs, Disaster Relief & Humanitarian NGOs, Peace & Human Rights NGOs, Conservation NGOs, Child Sponsorship Organizations and a Broad Range of Missions, because it’s part of our mission.


Giving is not just about making a donation…

In the past few years Birchwood Digital has helped businesses on a local and national level drive traffic to their website, resulting on us helping generate millions of dollars online for small, medium, and large business owners. We’ve been able to make a difference in some people’s lives, and we’d like to make a difference in yours as well.

Learn more about who we work with below, space is extremely limited in these circumstances only because of our business’s carrying capacity, but we will try our hardest to accommodate your mission.

Although part of our profit does go to charitable causes already, we know the best way we can truly help is to provide a highly valuable service and our time. We currently only extend Search Engine Optimization.

International/National NGOs

Your mission depends on membership dues, private donations, sale of goods and services, and/or grants. Let us help drive more traffic to your noble cause online.

1. International Development NGOs

We understand your mission. You play an important role in economic development of developing countries by providing services through community development, sustainable welfare works, and more.

2. Disaster Relief & Humanitarian NGOs

Natural disasters can devastate families, both spiritually and economically. If your cause is to help refurbish and rebuild areas effected by the aftermath of a natural disaster we can help play a role in that journey.

Disasters do come in many forms, and if you’re affected by a humanitarian crises we will also be at your service to collaborate and understand the best way to get your message attention.

3. Peace & Human Rights NGOs

Peace & Human Rights is a dynamic and evolving concept, however there is a very harsh underbelly many turn their eyes away from. Disturbing crisis’s and monstrous infringements on what many call natural human rights is a mission we support whole heartedly. 

4. Conservation NGOs

This can be considered a broad category but we’re well aware of how unique each situation can be. Conservation NGOs can be crucial to help plug gaps in policy developments that affect civil society and sustainable lifestyles. It’s more than “just protecting wildlife or nature or etc”, much more, it’s also ensuring our future.

5. Child Sponsorship Organizations

Put simply, given the opportunity, we want to help you get the support you need to make a larger impact in your mission to improve the lives of the children and therein the entire community because it’s the right thing to do. 

Health Charities

If your mission is funded by the development of better treatments, research, and therapies then you’re one step closer to potentially getting more support through search engine optimization.

1. Disease & Disorder Charities

Progress for the well being of all of us depends on our ability to understand the world around us. This includes understanding not only how we become sick, but treatments or therapies to improve our conditions. 

2. Medical Services & Treatment

There are many programs that allow individuals to recieve treatment that otherwise would not be available to them without income from the kindness of others.

If you’re a business that leans on donations for support we’re the search engine optimization team to lean on.

3. Medical Research Charities

Progress and advancement can often be a daunting process for researchers. In a perfect world, the very last thing anyone should be stressing over is where they possibly could be getting their funding from. We want to help get you a step or two closer to your vision.

4. Patient and Family Support Charities

Patient and Family Support services are broad but can make an absolute world of difference in the lives of the people you’ve reached. Let us be your friend in this journey.

Other Charities

Our list isn’t meant to be all encompassing, if you have something that is not mentioned on this list please understand this does not mean you will go unnoticed. We want you to contact us because we want to help.

1. Education Charities

For better or worse, due to a lot of bureaucracy the education system is much better than its ever been but still could use a major upgrade. However, in some countries, our deepest concerns are extended due to the lack of education that could create the upward mobility needed to empower a community. Regardless of your mission, local or humanitarian, Birchwood Digital stands behind you.

2. Environmental Conservation & Protection

What some now are considering to be among the greatest threats to life in the modern world is our egregious experiment of destruction of “renewable resources.” Our current fact pattern suggests an exponential rate of population growth with an increasingly rapid exhaustion of resources we currently take for granted. The end result may be catastrophic. This mission is very important to us like all of our other missions. 

3. Arts & Culture Charities

Capitalism works, there is no doubt about that, but rampant unchecked capitalism can cause destruction to social narratives that have progressed our morals. 

Our lives are more than just “talking points” from the news reporters, they can be filled with context and rich experiences that expand how we think- vis a vis Steve Jobs becoming inspired by his calligraphy class, or Elon Musk inspired by the thousands of books hes read.

If your museum, library, project, initiative, etc, needs more funding then get in touch with us. 

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