Offsite SEO Beginner Class


Myth Busted: I Approve of Offsite SEO... Just not AS MUCH as You'd Think

SO... a common misconception some of my more tech savvy friends, colleagues, and clients assume is because I focus on onsite 60-70% of the time, they think I'm against offsite SEO altogether.

Not true! I wouldn't provide offsite SEO services or include offsite SEO in some of my local packages if I didn't believe in it! I just propose that the industry has a lot of things backwards and just wrong....

You see, MOST SEO's HAVE BEEN TRAINED to believe that BUILDING LINKS IS ALL THAT MATTERS. So they dedicate 80-90% of their time, resources, and energy into link building endeavors.

My personal observation backed by results suggest that spending 60-70% of the time on "onsite SEO" and 30-40% of the time on offsite SEO is the perfect combination because:

1. You'll see the quickest ranking improvements FROM onsite SEO

2. Most businesses are nowhere as near to optimized as they should be

3. It ends up being cheaper for your client in the long run and not such a mess... Imagine this: you help rank your client in ONE MONTH, they get their return on investment, and continue with you and your business at cheaper retaining services like website management, AdWords, facebook ads, link building, content packages etc, to increase their revenue and add more distance between themself and their competition, you're just the good guy orchastrating that for them. To be honest, Birchwood Digital is very soon to be a FULL-SERVICE digital marketing agency that can handle all of that. For now though our focus is strictly on SEO:

But where do you begin?

Social Profiles

The first thing I would strongly encourage people to do is find a list of social profiles to create and build those out for you clients. Social profiles are self-explaining, they are things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc... that make sense to Google.

So social profiles are there to help you, an end user, interact with clients and potential customers correct? Google likes seeing a business taking interest in popular trends, so having your business website presence on as many social profiles as you can think of is going to improve the credibility of your business website online.

The increase in social profiles will also lead to better rankings on search results.

Local Business Listings and Citations

Citations from places like Yelp, Yahoo!, Bing, etc are great ways to build authoritative links that make sense to Google. The key to business listings are quality of the business listings so:

Tools like

Moz Local

Etc are Highly Recommended.

Organic Post Outreach

Having your own network of authority websites that are talking about your businesses website is a good idea to drive traffic and authority. Using tools like buzzstream is also a great way to create a list of people willing to help you get a link from them. 

The key to outreach to is also AUTHORITY WEBSITES.

Link building is high school all over again. It's a popularity contest, if all the cool kids are talking about you and saying you're a really cool person, Google will make you popular online. But if you have all the dorks and shady fellows at your school talking about you... virtually no one is going to actually take notice. So make sure the person providing you a link building campaign actually has that side of SEO handled. Fortunately, at Birchwood Digital, link building is honestly probably our strongest suit... kind of ironic for an agency that focuses so heavily on onsite SEO.

That's it for this free guide.
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