How I Ranked #1 For Best Musician of 2019, and #9-#3 for Best Musician, for Over 1 Year Before Deleting The Website

So I’ve had many people tell me that what I did was absolutely “mind melting”…. personally to this day, this is still one of my favorite case studies, with my favorite being ranking on page one for the keyword Bitcoin (over 7 million searches a month for that).

But it is true, I’ve ranked #1 for best musician of 2019 every month of 2019, and for a few months of 2020. I then deleted the website.

To make this very clear, I use to own… in fact, if you still go to that URL (, you’ll actually get redirected to this website.

Why Did I Rank For This Keyword?

I did it sheerly as an SEO experiment. You would be shocked at what people like myself do to make sure our clients are ensured the best results when it comes to their organic rankings. 

I did not do this as a joke, I didn’t do this as an attempt to gain vanity or notoriety online- I sheerly did it to build a case study and experiment with what matters the most in terms of onpage SEO.

In SEO there is a mega myth that you need to have all these extremely complicated and tedious page factors optimized for success online. What I did by ranking for this keyword and STICKING THERE is definitively PROVE that you can have HORRIBLE on page, but as long as you do about 4-5 major things right, those will produce at least 95% of your results.

Why Did I Delete The Website and How Did You Do It?

I take what I do seriously. There was no value whatsoever for that website to remain open. If you would’ve went to the old landing page, the whole entire website was basically a parody / joke that made it perfectly clear to anyone reading the article that it was not to be taken seriously.

I managed to succeed with this website by doing a few things really well.

1) Power up the main website with powerful non spammy quality links
2) Optimized the URL
3) Optimized the H Tags
4) Optimized the Meta
5) Optimized images

Beyond that it really became simple for me to do.