I Do Not Believe This… What’s The Catch… And Does It Really Cost Me NOTHING?

I won’t waste even a second of your time- for those of you who know me, go to Altruisto.com and download this plugin you can find in the chrome store for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, I’ll actually make a section below for you to learn a little bit more before hand. There is literally NO CATCH we want NOTHING from you- not a PENNY.

Save Lives With Altruisto

 For those of you who are interested in learning more about this movement, I’ll try to be as straight to the point as humanly possible, only because I have a vision to see every Google Chrome user to have this plugin. Is it possible- ABSOLUTELY NOT, but for all the people that talk about wanting to help others through charitable causes this can be a reality without costing you anything.

For YEARS a good friend of mine- Daniel Wyrzykowski has been very quietly, tirelessly, and diligently working with next to NO profit to make his project and real dream an actual reality for those who sorely need it. 

In a nutshell Daniel has taken upon himself what by its own right is a Herculean task. That task was a simple goal but an incredibly difficult journey and now we need your help. What he’s done so far:


    • Create Altruisto.com
    • Program a plugin that will save lives
    • Make the plugin totally free for users
    • Collect no data from users personally
    • Cut down the profit margins on big businesses instead of YOU. 
    • Donate to charities that are PURE non profits
    • Partner with enough businesses that it actually makes a real impact on the world


So what Daniel has done is partner with 1,000 of the biggest businesses in the world, and seriously you guys are going to love this— he’s made it so anytime you shop online at these places the big businesses AUTOMATICALLY reroute parts of what would’ve been their juicy commissions to causes like feeding starving children in Africa, removing parasites in impoverished countries, treating malaria with a cure in ravished countries, and now helping provide serious relief with Covid19.

But Now We Need Your Help

So there is a catch, one simple reason we might fail, we as in Daniel, his team, and myself who have partnered with Altruisto.com…

Not enough people know about us yet, we’re helping, but we want MILLIONS of users to know about us and that’s where you come in.

Get started online, we’re very similar to the Honey Plugin on Google. You just activate the plugin and Altruisto will automatically alert your vendor / store online that you would like part of your sale to go towards an effective cause instead of their pockets… and that’s it— that’s all.

So please get started today and help us on this simple mission! Share with your friends and family too if you can!

Stay strong, and any questions whatsoever contact me. Thank you so much. 

Save Lives With Altruisto