What is Google My Business (GMB) & is it really that effective?

So before we really do a dive into what Google My Business is and what it can mean to you, get familiar with our case study below:

So breaking this all down for you…

Google My Business (GMB), is the ability to become visible on the “map-pack” when people are searching for your business, or your keywords.

It should be pretty apparent to you now that a business that has visibility in one of those three spots, really has a serious advantage over their competitors. Combine this with Google AdWords, and Organic SEO, and you end up having 3 chances minimum to capture attention on Google.

In the case of our Green Light Go business, a good strategy combined with a unique time in our history (COVID 19) has created an opportunity that has literally doubled their revenue with this ONE STRATEGY alone… to be honest it seems like things even are picking up for them and getting even better.

But what kind of results can I typically expect?

Each client we work with is a case by case basis, we’ve had local linchpins like an electrician we ranked #1 and he managed to hire 3 new employees based off the new revenue, in the meantime we’ve had industrial contractors that we’ve ranked #1 on the maps that make $1-$3 MILLION per contract. Our system has been tried and proven over and over again on dozens of our clients.

Point being in all of this, for MOST businesses you end up much better than before, especially when it comes to ranking higher in the map pack. BUT- this is NOT something we offer exclusively. 

Being candid, working with someone who is only looking to exploit the maps, is usually someone that doesn’t have a budget to be aggressive in other avenues we suggest- thus we don’t necessarily look at them as a long term partner- however, if learning how to optimize GMB is what you want to do, you might want to have a consultation with us.