Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does SEO Cost?

We don’t believe in making mistakes, every campaign is honed in to be as accurate and precise as we can. If you are looking for $499 a month agency we are not a good fit. We focus on generating long-standing results for clients with a process that just works. For more accurate information fill out a discovery form.

We are very good at what we do and we know that having a low budget towards search engine marketing will generally do more harm than good, it’s not that it isn’t possible to rank with a lower budget, it’s that it will pale in comparison to the rate of growth you could be experiencing otherwise.

What kind of ROI will I be able to see?

Generally, more than you can imagine. With local domination for one of our dental practices, we managed to tack on an additional $120,000-$165,000 a month based off of the information we were actually given. The ROI does not stop when we stop working together, your rankings may hang around on Google for longer. 

How long does SEO take to see results?

Birchwood Digital has a proprietary process that includes onsite, and in all honesty, you should see results right off the bat. These results will be more clicks to your website as well as more impressions. The results you get are all based on you and your marketing goals; the discovery form can help us research your most viable source of traffic.

Do you sell SEO audits?

While audits are not the same as implementation, we do provide this service! Our audits have been designed to diagnose all onsite technical issues that may be causing problems with your website, additionally, we look into keywords for you to pursue, and over deliver in many more ways- including providing instructions to implement corrections yourself.

Our audits are perfect fits for businesses that have an in-house optimizer but still need better results.

Onsite SEO is critical for your success on Google, we are very confident you will receive improvements in rankings if you implement everything provided on the audit. That said onsite is only a fraction of the battle, building your brand through offsite SEO is what separates you generally from the coveted rankings you want.

Will my results drop if I stop SEO?

We pride ourselves on our reputation and our long-term relationships we are able to create. Our results are considered “white hat” or “safe” by Google’s guidelines. While there very may well be volatility, our rankings are made to stick. However, in an acceleratingly competitive marketplace, continued SEO shouldn’t cost you anything, it should be an asset with compound interest that brings you in new revenue and future-proofs you from competitors slowly creeping up in rankings and taking business away from you. There generally is large revenue gaps between even say 1st result on google and 2nd.

Do you provide AdWords or Facebook Marketing?

We currently do not provide anything aside from SEO. However, it is in the distant future for Birchwood Digital, as we have invested time and resources into research and development for other services such as web design, funnels, facebook ads, email marketing, big data marketing, Google Ads etc. Thank you for understanding!

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, no questions asked. Your campaign will be completed for whatever is left on your month, afterwards, we no longer will be providing impression/click reports, ranking reports, etc.

What do you need from me to get started?

We will require some sensitive information, your website’s login information and your google my business login information so we can begin optimizing both. We will also ask for your hosting account to fix technical issues that can only be worked with on the backend to improve your campaign. We truly don’t JUST do SEO, in full transparency we also address web/theme related issues, hosting issues like SSL certificates, site speed related issues, and plugin related issues. It should go unspoken, but your websites vital data is kept completely confidential and only used for the agreed upon service.

Our agency has successfully dealt with WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and Weebly. The only time our backend services aren’t included (complimentarily) in your campaign is in the case of you having custom HTML or Ruby On Rails, where developers will be necessary. That said if anything is an issue, this will be covered with you upfront and before any payment or work begins on your website to ensure total understanding of your campaign. 

For the other content management systems we mentioned prior to that, we actually do that in-house and totally at cost seeing that it’s too difficult to quantify the time commitment/complexity of problems beforehand, and in our experience only approx. 33% of websites we deal with have those issues we’ve mentioned- thus making it moot to charge for a problem that may not require fixing at all. However, we still may ask for your hosting account information regardless if we want to optimize certain settings we normally couldn’t access otherwise.

I've done SEO in the past and it hasn't worked, why are you different?

If SEO hasn’t worked then one of three things has occurred:

1. You’ve been taken ripped off by a scammer– We are truly sorry if you’ve ever had this experience. Often times what we find is that an SEO’r will just take any business they can onboard without properly diagnosing clients goals. The shady marketers will tell you it’s possible to rank for your keyword without any real strategy to get there.

2. You’ve been working with a website designer or marketing agency– If you wanted to have brain surgery, you’d go to a brain surgeon and not a general surgeon. This metaphor is only a bit of a stretch but to say a web designer or Facebook marketing can handle SEO and get results is crucially underestimating the strategies that go into your success.

I can personally tell you first hand that some of the LARGEST AGENCIES have the WORST SEO I’ve seen… I’m only being candid because I’m trying to impress the fact that having an actual SEO agency that has a proven track record of phenomenal results, only does SEO, and has a network of people that are full time, big agency owners that also perform SEO, there is a night and day, giant gap between a general marketing agency’s SEO and an SEO agency’s strategy. Fill out our discovery form for a complimentary analysis.

3. Your company didn’t have a good enough strategy to beat tough competition If you’ve paid $500, or even $1,000/mo for SEO in the past, then chances are your campaign wasn’t aggressive enough to overtake the tougher competition.


    Let me be your friend in this process and help you feel right at home while I analyze your website and figure out what we can do to get you the rankings you deserve.
Is your approach safe for Google?

Absolutely, Birchwood Digital is founded by Michael Villari, someone that has passed all of Google’s best practice exams in 2017. Because of that, we became a participant of Google’s Partner Program in 2017. All of our link building strategies are considered safe, as we approach link building as a form of brand building, not liability building.