Birchwood Digital: Recommended Content Creation Packages.

Content creation may be what separates you from your competition.

Does this sound like a stretch? What if we could show you a case study of a mattress website that went from 2 clicks a day to 700 a day, and $15,000 a month passively from this methodology alone?

This is what is known as "Linkless SEO". A form of search engine optimization that is not designed around powerful link referrals, it's a form of SEO that is designed around getting natural traffic to your website!

There is no denying the power of link building, it's here to stay; we have packages for link building, but if you'd like a unique retainer package for link building, content creation, and website management get in touch!

According to Moz, a well known authority on SEO, natural traffic to the website, combined with great user experience and user intention focused information (think did I get what I asked for when I Googled it) is among the HIGHEST factors for ranking well online.

That is precisely what this package aims to satisfy.


  • Attract Natural Traffic to Your Website
  • Look like an authority with Blog Posts that have been designed for your website.
  • Great for ANY business. Potent for affiliates. Rank sealing for Local Businesses. Vital for National Brands.

Carefully Watch Before Purchasing!

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(Supplies Are Always Very Limited ~ Contact if Sold Out!)
Thank You for Understanding!

Small Content Package.jpg

Small Content Package

Receive 5 Blog Posts all designed to help bring in more natural traffic and increase website's relevancy to search engines!

Medium Content Building.jpg

MEDIUm Content Package

Recieve 10 Blog Posts all designed to help bring in more natural traffic and increase website's relevancy to search engines!

Large Content Package.jpg

LARGE Content Package

Recieve 20 Blog Posts all designed to help bring in more natural traffic and increase website's relevancy to search engines!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you GUARANTEE First place results for my industry and keywords?

Answer: we actually don't. to frame this up clearer, no one truly can GUARANTEE your business first place rankings from their seo. what we can do is circumvent you from having to get on board long high priced monthly retainers, and help you keep skin out of the game you may not need to ENTIRELY put in.

we can also set you up on a project management system so you can monitor all work being done, as well as rank tracking software to compliment the other data and support we provide= all in one neat place. 

our local seo packages are designed to get you the best roi (return on investment) than any other single seo package in the marketplace. in fact they're ultimately designed to be a "one-off" service.

QUESTION: how long do i have to wait to see results

answer: it honestly just depends on your niche and industry. there are different levels of competitiveness for every keyword. get in touch with michael from birchwood digital for personal opinion and recommendations on what package will suit your needs the best at 

question: what are the differences between packages

Answer: Small towns should use local silver. medium i'd recommend gold. metropolitan competitive cities i'd DEFINITELY recommend iridium... again these packages are designed to help you get the highest roi from an seo campaign. as much as it pains us to admit that they aren't absolute GUARANTEES of getting you those rankings, our competition

1- Charges more
2- Does Less for you
3- Doesn't have the case studies we do

the upside potential is seriously there, the downside risk is simply us getting you a link building package if we don't reach your bottom line in one shot when you're ready...

sound fair enough?

Question: Do you manage our website?

answer: yes! The retainer services that we offer are few but they are there. whether thats continued link building to ensure you create distance between you and your competition, or content creation that helps make your business site more relevant to search engines, no sweat! we have your back. contact for now for package options.