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What Started as a struggle

Over 1,000 books read... Tens of thousands of dollars directly invested into self education. Unpaid interning. Shaking hands with people on every single level. Constantly improving my network from multiple people whom are in Forbes 30 under 30, people that completely dominate their market whether that's SEO, Radio and Television, Digital Marketing, or Business Consulting. I've pulled out EVERY. LAST. STOP. to get you the only thing I truly care about... success.

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Turned into a passion...

Countless hours. Constant OBSESSION with FINISHING. The ever present pressure of analyzing "How do I go further now...", "what's next". The passion to serve at ultimately a higher level than anyone else has me driven. From managing SEO groups with over 20,000 active members, to managing Self Improvement groups with 2,000 members... and even smaller groups of less than 20 people. I'm committed and dedicated to finishing the job.

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For simply getting you Results.

Whether you're a small business or large operation, I custom tailor my time and energy into taking you from wherever you are RIGHT NOW, broadening, expanding, and widening that vision you have of your potential. Then getting you there.