Ranking Multiple Clients on Page One with a Single Local Package Purchase


The Really Fun Part of My Job is Being Able to Bring Innovation to The Field

So I won't lie, SEO is really fun when you're as sophisticated as I am with it. In many ways it's like a very stimulating competitive sport, we're battling for #1's for my clients I shoot for #1's not just page ones when my campaign begins. 

The true beauty to me is out-thinking my competition. And I've definitely done that with how I've been able to innovate my own business. Instead of high priced retainers that you wouldn't normally see any results for in months, I definitely give you A LOT of things to feel happy about during your campaign just off the bat.

I've had clients that I've onboarded and within two weeks have gotten them half their keywords with a few number ones. Other clients have seen massive jumps on their search results rapidly, typically in the same timeframe of a month.

Which should actually come as a shock to most SEO's reading this.... so how am I able to actually do this and why do I think the proprietary strategy I use to rank clients is better than most SEO's.


LSI Keywords

One of the first ways I do this is by loading up their site, the alt tags and properties of their pictures with LSI Keywords.... but what is LSI? Aren't you just suppose to build links?

If you still believe link building is the be all end all... it's not and you're living in the stone age.

Links are designed to be great equalizers for lack of traffic and lack of onsite optimization... nothing else...

By focusing heavily on onsite optimization I circumvent the need to build links. So Google essentially now has an easier way to read my website because I stuffed it with LSI keywords that make sense for that service provider to be using.

Some SEO's out there may not even understand what LSI keywords are so I'll go a bit more into detail about that then. LSI Keywords are short for Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords.... So put in plain English: Google is trying to simulate what it's like to be a person.

People inherently have an idea about what someone is talking about even if we are unfamiliar with the words, just solely on how the sentence is said.

So Google takes a word, for example, Dentist, and relates that with other words it thinks would be found on a dentist's website like:

White Teeth

You can find a GOOD START to what LSI Keywords would make sense by visiting a tool called LSI Graph.  

So that's step one, use LSI Keywords on Their Meta Data, OG Data, and Alt Tags... what's next in this recipe?

Page Load Speed Optimization and Mobile Optimization

So rather than laboriously explaining the importance of Mobile Optimization and Site Speed Optimization, I'll just recommend a few plugins you can use right away to start optimizing clients speed on Wordpress websites.

The first app I'd recommend is something called WPMU Dev

It's this massive plugin that comes with a subscription to hundreds of well-designed plugins and three that I recommend from there are:

1- WPSmush Pro
2- Defender
3- Hummingbird

WPSmush Pro minimizes the data load of all images on the website and does lossless compression of your images so it's totally safe to run. The end result is it shaves off dead weight that is usually attached to raw image data but unneeded when hosted online.

Defender doesn't have anything to do with what I've mentioned but I recommend getting it for your clients, its helped me quite a bit. Defender is a web security plugin that puts your clients website inside of a protective shell. So most attempts to brute force hack your website, or inject the website with malware will be stopped by Defender... believe it or not, I believe that this is crucial just because of how common malicious behavior actually is online... it happens way more than you'd think.

Finally Hummingbird. Hummingbird is a unique minification and data caching system. However it has the potential of breaking your client's website... so always make sure that your website is compatible with the theme... if it does break the website it can simply be fixed by turning the hummingbird switch off.

Those are just some ways to get the extra kick on your onsite optimization.... next on the list.

Inner Linking and Link Siloing

Google really enjoys it when your onsite is well structured and you inner link between pages... The benefit of innerlinking your website is you're missing out on passing link juice throughout the website if you aren't innerlinking pages.

So you generally want to link 7-11 pages per page, sometimes more if it's contextually appropriate! 

Blog Content

Google simply loves reading it's a reading machine! And so I believe the tips I've given here are already a great start to your own SEO campaign. However this is the last "freebie" I can provide.

When your website is hyperspecific about a certain topic, GOOGLE DOES take notice of that. Google enjoys it when you're writing about your own industry because it's much like your a contributing member of society, just online.... Blog content done right can also be a fantastic way to draw in natural traffic to a business website.

I once studied a website that went from 2 clicks a day to 800 clicks a day just by being a massively contributing authority blog website... so a little effort and sweat now, done right, can go a long way in the future.

Thank you readers!
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