How I Ranked Both #1 with Traditional SEO and #3 with Linkless SEO for a Hyper Competitive Keyword

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I Thought This Would an Interesting Article For SEO's to Read

So these results haven't lasted, but they HONESTLY COULD if I actually worked on sustaining them, something I'll talk about how to do later on in this post.

So, believe it or not, I took 3'rd for a high-competition level keyword... and 5th for a very difficult keyword... with only building out ONE LINK....

That's right... the number 3 & number 5 ranking I had with this website (Birchwood Digital) came from one single link... there wasn't even a Facebook profile linking out to this website.

That's truly the lesson I'll be giving today, and that is LINKLESS SEO vs TRADITIONAL SEO. And the true beauty of this example is the person with the first place rankings in the hyper-competitive niche is ALSO me. Yes, the website in first place is a site I actually use to largely run experiments on at this point that was also built from the ground up... In fact I took #1 for Buffalo SEO in about 5 months from CREATING my website... the real insane part is I've upskilled a lot since then, and I'm convinced I could take number one in EVEN LESS TIME with a brand new site now..... if you want to read more on the style of SEO I used to get there I suggest giving the read "white hat fundamentals" a read.

So without too much further adu, I wanted to create a unique blog post that this article has been able to satisfy. Linkless SEO vs Traditional SEO. ~ Enjoy!!

The Foundations of Linkless SEO

User Intention, User Experience, Traffic are the Three Pillars to Linkless SEO...

So let's flesh out all of these concepts in their own smaller section, and then compare them to traditional SEO.

User Intention:

User Intention can be synonymous with the idea of Onsite SEO. When someone is looking for your product and service, is your page optimized to rank for that product or service?

Even on a macro level as well user intention is serious. 

If you were to put two websites head to head:

Website A is all about Basketball- no other sport JUST BASKETBALL.
Website B is all about everything and anything.

And you were also to make all of them the exact same in terms of other ranking factors....which one would you actually think is going to have an easier time ranking for the keyword Basketball?

Does it seem obvious now? The basketball website of course!

This was actually an update called Hummingbird that rolled out on the algorithms. Hummingbird was designed to favor hyperspecific niche websites over general websites. So the more specific your website is, the easier time it's going to have ranking for a keyword.

User Experience:

This is another crucial part of being able to perform SEO properly... Onsite SEO isn't enough, people have to feel INSPIRED to buy from you, work with you, etc.... it's nothing short of what it's like when you're looking for a doctor, an attorney, plumber, electrician, or any kind of local service provider.

Nobody wants to leave their jobs into the hands of someone whom strikes them as an amateur. Your website has to be built out in a way where it inspires user activity. There is something called a Bounce Rate on your website, meaning that if someone isn't on your website for a minimum of 2 minutes, it can actually negatively impact your favorability in search engines. The longer you can keep someones attention on the page the better. 

Ways to keep people on your website longer are pretty simple:

1- Have Great Content
2- Have Videos and Other Multimedia Eye Catching Material
3- Have a Support Chat Pop Up to Greet Users

Be aware though, talk in the SEO world is that Google is considering penalizing websites that have pop up ad's on mobile devices... so if you have exclusive offers and promotions, or even newsletter sign-ups, consider only running those ads on desktop... and have the newsletter sign up embedded on the page, and use an announcement bar, much like we have on Birchwood Digital, to share any relevant news or offers.

Also, you may honestly want to take a page out of Steve Job's book.... Steve Job's was quoted saying "you'll never be able to understand how the dots connect until you look back"... his college class of calligraphy inspired the user intuitiveness of all Apple products... they're minimal but well designed.

So if you're considering on redesigning your website before you do anything, realize that simpler you can make it-- the better! I've personally studied dozens of websites and apps to get a design I've liked, such as Apple, Rolex, Gucci, Cadillac, etc.

Its just always amazed me how if you go to a mall you'll see the Microsoft store pretty much empty aside from a virtual reality demo... but will see the Apple store BOOMING with business... Have a brand that draws people in, like in Apple's case. Just like how you dress on a day to day basis, how you present your website IS a form of communication as well, so help businesses and potential clients understand three things:

1- You're Sharp as a Tack
2- You're Willing and Enthusiastic as All Hell to Help
3- You Really Care about Your Long-Term Relationships

Natural Traffic To Your Website:

Truly, this another miniature lesson all in of itself. Natural traffic is vital to your business because if people aren't visiting, you aren't doing business! That make sense?

There are many ways to get traffic to your business website and if you're a local service provider, GEO SPECIFIC traffic is the best traffic to have.

How do you generate this traffic?

1- Organic Outreach (ask people you know to visit your site through Google)
2- Buy Google AdWords
3- Create Blog Content that BRINGS IN Traffic
4- Take Out an Ad in Local Newspaper to Visit Your Website

That's all I plan on saying on that, but now you actually may be seeing the parallels between a real business and online business, it's the SAME THING. Just easier, in my opinion, to run an online business because you can ARTIFICIALLY manufacture what "big businesses" are doing... and when you look the part, Google assumes you ARE THE PART. Make sense? Good!

The Difference Between Linkless SEO and Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO is about 60-70%+ (minimum) focused on Organic Outreach Link Building to deliver you results.

In my humble opinion, traditional SEO'rs have it backward... Most of your time should be spent on ON-SITE SEO, like I've mentioned in my post about White Hat SEO Basics, and Less on OFFSITE SEO.

The problem with Offsite SEO, is it takes a lot of time for it to start working for clients.... and let's face it, in this economy, SPEED is the commodity. 

By being able to START with onsite SEO, and doing it properly, you can start seeing movements for your businesses that you work within 2 weeks while also being able to deliver them a tangible value that they can see with their own eyes.

Let's just face the truth here- SEO is a TOUGH SELL for Most People.... You're simply asking someone to TRUST you... It's just been my observation that if you can actually provide an incredible amount of value in the first month or two, you've set the foundations for a healthy relationship down the road. If you're reading this, START with ONSITE SEO then move onto Link Building... in many cases, you can end up helping move their business within 2 weeks of excellent onsite optimization. Instead of waiting MONTHS for you to show them any kind of result...