Birchwood Digital: Business Growth Packages

There are many awesome ways to get your business listing a nice digital push on search engines and in front of all of those hot and ready to buy customers.

The packages below were designed to help in the best ways we know how!

From Google My Business optimization which has the potential of making your business website appear in the map pack or the list that pops up with a phone number attached to it upon keyword search, down to our own citation/business listing building service, our packages have been designed to do all the tedious leg work for you and often over-priced 3rd party alternatives, and actually deliver you something you can certain has worked for others and will work for you as well.

Our review generation service is designed to have your actual custom base leave more reviews, done properly and on the right platforms, the actual postitive feedback from your clients can lead to an increase in your overall rankings!

Our conversion tracking system is to get you set up and ready to see where the traffic is so there is no hidden gaps in your marketing strategy!

In Summary

+ Move up Higher in Search Results with Citations
+ Prevent Loss of Business with Conversion Tracking
+ Get Optimized for Being Featured in Google Map Packs with The Call Now Button Nextt to Your Business Name
+ Create Powerful Positive Social Signals with Honest Peer Reviews/ Expert Reviews/ Customer Reviews from Our Review Generation Strategy!



Carefully Watch Before Purchasing!

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(Supplies Are Always Very Limited ~ Contact if Sold Out!)
Thank You for Understanding!

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Citations/ LocAL Business Listings

Build out 90+ citations and do citation cleanup for consistency. $

Google My Business and Yelp.jpg

GMB and Yelp Optimization

Optimize Google My Business and Yelp with correct categories, pictures with optimized file URL's, and responding to reviews, as well as optimize your business for Google My Business Rankings with Link Building.

Review Generation Strategy.jpg

Review Generation Strategy Package

Get reviews from other experts or people who have already purchased your products or services.

Conversion Tracking Package.jpg

Conversion Tracking Package

Online and Offline Conversion Tracking Package For Forms Submits, Phone Calls, and Email Sign Ups: Online and offline conversion tracking for websites who aren't tracking form submits, phone calls, and email sign ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you GUARANTEE First place results for my industry and keywords?

Answer: we actually don't. to frame this up clearer, no one truly can GUARANTEE your business first place rankings from their seo. what we can do is circumvent you from having to get on board long high priced monthly retainers, and help you keep skin out of the game you may not need to ENTIRELY put in.

we can also set you up on a project management system so you can monitor all work being done, as well as rank tracking software to compliment the other data and support we provide= all in one neat place. 

our local seo packages are designed to get you the best roi (return on investment) than any other single seo package in the marketplace. in fact they're ultimately designed to be a "one-off" service.

QUESTION: how long do i have to wait to see results

answer: it honestly just depends on your niche and industry. there are different levels of competitiveness for every keyword. get in touch with michael from birchwood digital for personal opinion and recommendations on what package will suit your needs the best at 

question: what are the differences between packages

Answer: Small towns should use local silver. medium i'd recommend gold. metropolitan competitive cities i'd DEFINITELY recommend iridium... again these packages are designed to help you get the highest roi from an seo campaign. as much as it pains us to admit that they aren't absolute GUARANTEES of getting you those rankings, our competition

1- Charges more
2- Does Less for you
3- Doesn't have the case studies we do

the upside potential is seriously there, the downside risk is simply us getting you a link building package if we don't reach your bottom line in one shot when you're ready...

sound fair enough?

Question: Do you manage our website?

answer: yes! The retainer services that we offer are few but they are there. whether thats continued link building to ensure you create distance between you and your competition, or content creation that helps make your business site more relevant to search engines, no sweat! we have your back. contact for now for package options.