So Where To Begin… Oh From The Start!

A BRAND NEW Website Started on December 20th….

Why am I stressing the point that this website is brand new? Only because of one reason– ranking a brand new website usually takes 6-8 months MINIMUM…. and that’s JUST to hit page one- not even getting a #1 on the rankings.

It usually takes 6-8 months because Google is pretty hard nosed on websites that have just suddenly appeared. Reason being- Google, like you, doesn’t like scams or spam.

So what does this mean? If we were able to consult someone step by step into a number 1 ranking, it means only one thing. Our process works, because it doesn’t trigger any “spammer red flags”. 

We pulled absolutely zero punches, no holds were barred, we showed EVERYTHING we do to rank a site number one.  And slowly but surely results and leads started coming in for this amazing architectural business. 

Month 2 Results

By month 2 not only have we cracked page one for their website…..

We’ve now hit mid-page one. This keyword is in one of the largest cities in the world (New Delhi) and this keyword has 5,400 searches a month. By comparison, this absolutely crushes New York City… I mean when you see the number gap you’re going to assume we cherry picked- and we did! We found the keyword in NYC with the MOST traffic….:

Okay given, I personally guarantee you there is more than 130 searches a month for architect NYC… but nonetheless I’m just making a comparison that Delhi has about 20 million people ( about 2.5x more than NYC), and according to Google’s own numbers, has much more competition overall.

Month 3 Results (Winner Winner)