Real 1-month progress report sent to a dental practice.

28-day snapshot: working with a different dental practice. 
(447 visits, 32,830 people reached)

(client featured above had been working with us for 4 months)

About Birchwood Digital

Birchwood Digital is an internet marketing business founded by Michael Villari. Michael has truly trained with the masters because he cares about you and your success, having earned testimonials from Joel House, Joe Marfoglio, and spoke in 2017 on a Tai Lopez webinar with some of the best and biggest names in the world of digital marketing. 

Birchwood Digital is not limited to simple “rinse and repeat” processes. Our campaigns are designed to best suit your marketing goals. Our flexibility has allowed us to iterate properly based on the concerns of our client.

Put simply, Michael from Birchwood Digital breathes SEO with over 100 number one rankings, hundreds of page one rankings, and a network of real marketers keeping a constant eye on the marketplace.

We’re happy to hear things like- “hey I need you to calm down on the SEO for us buddy, we have so many leads at this point that we’re just booking our calendars full for at least a month in advance”.

Our job is to collaborate with you, regardless of your industry and come up with a solution for your current marketing efforts.

Birchwood Digital plans on expanding into full-stack services in the distant future. It’s not enough for us to be excellent at Search Engine Optimization, we have research and development invested into cutting edge Facebook Advertising, best practice Google Ads strategies, web development, and funnel creations.



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Michael S. Villari
Founder of Birchwood Digital

I got into SEO because of the unintentional underbelly I saw. The market needed a solution, I love the work- and ultimately I wanted to cure what was affecting most businesses. The problem is SEO’rs can either misdiagnose a website, perform improper implementation of SEO practices, or fail to deliver results. I do none of those.

If you’ve been meaning to do SEO for a while but never really got around to it, let me show you what we do best. Click start now below for a free SEO video analysis, or head straight to the contact page and either leave me an email or a phone call, and we’ll have it sorted out!

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