In 2011 Michael Villari set out to understand everything he could about consulting, digital marketing, motivation, and everything else that goes into conventional and traditional business. Fresh out of high school with a National Technical Honor Society Certificate, a Cisco Certified Network Technician Certificate, and a strong desire to solve problems in the market Michael started an unpaid internship with a self development business while making Deans List as a full time student.

It wasn't until 2015 when Michael truly felt prepared and mature enough to work for businesses as a consultant, and digital marketer, and not until 2016 when Michael began work as a Search Engine Optimization Expert, after having passed every exam Google has made available to digital marketers earning him the status of "Google Partner".

Within 6 months Michael had conquered his local marketspace enough to get out of obscurity and was then featured on Tai Lopez as a panelist speaking on behalf of the innovation he diligently brought into the market. 

Since then, Michael has worked with small businesses to even larger law firms settling over $250 million in court cases. Michael has generated incredible results in the market place with case studies of ranking businesses for half of their competitive keywords that other marketers quote them at thousands a month month for, literally within a single month.

The true beauty of how Michael operates is, by the very definitions given out on Google's own website, Michael is a "white hat" or "ethical SEO"... everything he does is by the books of how SEO is actually SUPPOSE to be done.

Providing the utmost transparency and holding your time, investment, and relationship in the highest regard, Michael invites you to rethink how Search Engine Optimization should be done, and would love to serve your business in the highest level possible. Get in touch today!

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