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It has opened our eyes to the opportunities that are right before our eyes. 
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Have you ever wondered why you're stuck on page 2,3,4 etc of Google? Have you received an SEO Audit in the past and left feeling burnt and confused.

We get it, people pay for implementation and results, and we assure you, our audit is NOT what you expect. It is a step by step PROCESS for ranking Higher on Google, with information that moves the needle for your SEO.

Marvin & Elline from LeMetric Salon


Most Purchased Services

Michael Villari has been an essential part of our organization's content and marketing strategy for some time. His encyclopedic knowledge of marketing and experience in content writing has made an incredible difference to our bottom line. A true authority in his craft, we cannot express how grateful we are to have the privilege of working with him. Much more than a service provider, we consider Michael Villari an irreplaceable partner to our operation.

So before you dive into Search Engine Optimization, you want to make sure your content on your website is good enough to rank in the top 3 of Google! Birchwood Digital Provides Content Optimization packages, to help you fill in the missing gaps of keywords you're missing out on, and improving your readability score so Search Engines are able to understand your site more easily.

Nikita Founder of SofiaLabs


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Your Local Ambassador

Here at Birchwood Digital, we believe in total transparency when it comes to your campaign. Something we go to great lengths to stay not just informed about, but at the innovating edge of what is possible. 

We provide marketing in ways you may be unfamiliar experiencing


Proprietary Exposure Tracking Software

Our Exposure Tracking Software does more than just tell you what moved up and what moved down for you on a week to week basis. We’re able to show you your exposure (impressions) you’ve reached online through organic search, the month to month change in your flow to traffic, and the health of your Google My Business… all in one simple and easy to read neat report.

Fill in the Gaps Online and Gain an Edge

We run through your website with a fine tooth comb looking for every detail that may be sabotaging you from more customers, then we seek to permantely address these issues.

Zero Lock-In Contracts

We keep our agency stress free. If you feel as though you are not getting the value or return on investment that you deserve with your Search Engine Marketing campaign, we have no hidden exit fees, no locked in agreements,  It’s just another way to show we care.

Hot and Ready to Buy Warm Leads

As an SEO we get you more impressions on Google. The more results you show up for, the more warm and organic traffic can find your site. We pave a digital road so you can be found online, and beat your competition that may be slowly creeping up on search results that are taking ready to buy qualified customers away from you.

This is what real business owners are saying about the service they’ve received from Birchwood Digital.

Fast forward 2-3 months and we were absolutely dominating the market without any real competitor in terms of organic traffic. The only thing I wish I did was started working with Birchwood Digital earlier because it would’ve saved us thousands of dollars.

Krzysztof Gilowski

Founding Partner at Frisch Logos and Owocni

Michael is an efficient marketer, and a great person to deal work with too. He met ALL of my needs and wants while also throwing in some personal guidance. Overall, not only am I happy with the final product, I am also happy with the experience I had working with this business. I highly recommend Michael to anyone in need of quality of work, with fast turn around time. 

Sam Pappagallo

CEO and Lead Studio Engineer at Screaming Parrot Studios

Mike at Birchwood Digital is definitely a great guy to work with on anything SEO related. He is our go-to consultant for SEO work. We’re always confident to know he has the latest knowledge on SEO to get us a great return on our investment and for us to build success with our clients.

Brendan Hsu

Director of Operations at Aerial Canvas

I’ve been using Michael Villari’s services for years and its literally the best out there. The company delivers rankings faster than I expected, they are really stable and I feel im a well recognized customer.

Jesse van Dijk

Founder of JVD Consultancy

All the benefits you can expect

We like to look at the whole picture when it comes to your search engine optimization campaign because being frank- SEO is worthless if the market or the traffic just isn’t there. 

Increase Your Digital Prescene & Build Your Brand

It’s undeniable at this point, branding keeps getting bigger and bigger. By 2025 the internet is estimated to be 5X bigger than it currently is right now, be one of the early pioneers/innovators and seize your opportunity to get a head start on your competiton by building the most important digital asset you can, a long term brand.

Mobile Optimization

We are not web-developers but we will go to great lengths to make sure that the website you leave us will run faster than before. In the case of WordPress website’s our success rate is virtually guaranteed. Any edge we can provide our clients is worth it. 

Optimizing Your Google Maps

Following Google Guidelines and best practice, we will work with your Google My Business to optimize it for search results & map results when people are searching for your branded/local service!

In House System

We keep any information shared between our parties completely confidential. Additionally, you are only dealing with Birchwood Digital, and no one outside this agency gets your information.

from being found in the online marketplace.

Because everything is constantly changing in the world of Google, having an SEO team is crucial.
Push your content higher on search results and drive more traffic to your page- it’s what we do.

Increased Revenue

Bottom line, we care about your bottom line. With more ways to be found online, your exposure to customers will be hyper-specific since people only search for services when they’re ready-to-buy. Stop letting the competition creep up behind you, or downright overtake you in the digital marketplace when there are droves of hundreds to thousands or more potential customers looking for what you provide this instant.

Content Optimization

We will be looking through all of your website’s content and making appropriate changes you will be aware of. These changes are to help Google and other search engines read your site more and semantically understand what keywords you should be voluntereed for.


Proven Process from a Google Certified Partner

This system has been proven over hundreds of page one rankings, and 100+ number one rankings in this agency alone. Additionally, we don’t believe in mistakes so the head of SEO is a Google Certified Partner that folllows textbook SEO Guidelines and best practice.

Dominate Google for Multiple Keywords

Page one isn’t good enough for us. We dominate top positions, as well as other search term pages to make sure you get the most  longterm value out of your campaign.

Read more of our reviews!

Krzysztof Gilowski
Founding Partner at Frisch Logos and Owocni

” We tried different SEO Experts and we got at most mediocre results. We’ve wasted thousands without any real benefit that we’ve gotten out of that investment. We couldn’t get past page two…

This is when we thought that if we wanted to get serious results we had to work with people that got serious results.”

Greg Klubek
Local Electrician now Dominating Search Engines

” The results you’ve given me are the best I’ve seen. There has been a huge difference in calls and email inquiries today, for the better! I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or what, but it’s a big difference.”


Dr. David Chen BDS
Dental Practice Owner

So before that, I’ve jumped around a lot of SEO, website, marketing companies that have approached me, because nothing really showed anything in terms of promising results. I’ve had some that have cost me next to nothing and some that have cost me a buckload but in the end I’ve seen next to nothing in terms of patient return… (Since working together now) I’ve recommended him to a lot of my dentist friends and a lot of great reviews from them as well.