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What We Offer

Modern marketing

Our approach is the new way to do marketing online. No lock in contracts, no shady “proprietery” systems. Your concerns are our concerns. We provide full and radically transparent oversight each and every step of the way during our process and back our promises with actual results.

Public Relations / Search Engine Marketing

We have a vast network of article writers & industry experts as consultants. We get you visible online. More clicks from real people.

Lead Generation

It’s one thing to make a phone ring. It’s another thing to have a prospect or returning customer do business with you. We will optimize your marketing efforts to fill in any hidden gaps that could be causing you to miss out.

Web Development

Being well versed in virtually all web hosting platforms we can assist you in refreshing your website, building a new one, or ironing out real design problems.



Simply book a time for a phone call and we can find out if we would be an appropriate fit for this type of marketing.


In the past we used to 100% money back gurantee virtually all of our clients. You got the results or you got your money back in full.

Out of dozens of clients in every vertical you can imagine, I’ve only ever had to refund two customers.

One because he was just plain very rude and I didn’t want to work with the guy… the other- professional, wonderful human being, but really disappointing stuff… It was a dental practice in Austin, Texas if I remember correctly… But no hard feelings in the slightest. We just could not get the campaign to work out for him… He was a real champion in my opinion but he was using some kind of odd hosting platform in a foreign country I’ve never seen in my life and haven’t seen since… it’s truly still a mystery to me and I had two other big time industry experts look into this too. Just didn’t know.

In any case, our agency has actuallly evolved as you might imagine.

We truly overdeliver so much as a professional service provider for your business that we simply can no longer in good business practice offer this anymore. But we do have a gurantee.

We can’t offer it any more because we have added on so much to our delivery. There are man hours that go into working on your website, creating landing pages, deploying technical code, fixing issues in the sales process, and a million little things that do tend to pop up as we truly work with you to ensure your campaigns highest chance of success.

Because SEO is an investment, we will work very hard for you through and through. But if you don’t feel like we are heading in the right direction, in spite of the tangiable assets we will deliver, and real services you will see us providing you in full transparancy, well documented detail. We will give your third month back in full.

Why the third month? Because by month three it is incredibly transparent that we are following SEO best practices and really biting the bullet to make your investment workout. If we still have not earned your trust by then, it’s fair to comprimise.

Our policy might change in the future, getting back to 100% money back gurantees, but as of now it just doesn’t make practical business sense for the direction we are moving in.

*With all of this said, I still do have a soft side… so I might consider more factors should it ever come to this point. But no promises. Like I mentioned truly only had a problem one time and it still bothers me personally several years later.*


We will tailor a campaign to your advertising budgets.

A lot of other “SEO Experts” will tell you a lie. They will tell you that you need to spend in the ballpark of several thousands a month to see results.

Unless you are in a very big city. This is probably purely a fabrication.

Most customers can see results on a suggested $500 a month campaign. Any extra money you invest at any part of the process will help expedite this process and ensure much better results. But it is way more appropriate to have a discussion about this over the phone or in person. 

The catch, or the hook here, is with SEO it is an investment almost like a stock option.

For the first few months you might not see the results you expect on Google. It just doesn’t work like general advertisement like Facebook or Google Ads. 

With Facebook or Google Ads, what you put in can immediately be used to extract something out. Hey I spend $2, I want $2.15 coming back.

With SEO it’s more like I invest what I can upfront. But my return has the upside potential of being hundreds if not thousands of percent higher once the process has reached the point of effectiveness. Let’s talk over the phone because it’s easy to explain… but in a nutshell all you should know is we tailor a campaign for you focusing on real data from Google, suggest a sustainable price point, and work towards getting you some wins along the way.


This depends on your ambition.

We have tackled local, national, and international keywords.

Big brands and niche markets.

This also depends on your budget.

We are able to roughly project when we can achieve these goals once we understand what your target is.

We also will provide a tracking solution- almost like a report card at least once a month, some clients want them weekly, but ask and ye shall receive. 

Our tracking solutions will show you what matters to you:

1) Where we are in relation to your goals
2) How many new people are visiting your website
3) What changed and a quick couple sentences and what we think we should do next.


Literally as much as you need.

The reason why we are basically “exclusive” when it comes to clients… meaning that if you are reading this and thinking of doing business with us. It’s actually a pretty big chance we will have to waitlist you or turn you away; this is all because we don’t lose.

We want to overdeliver for our clients and really impress them. My business relies on happy clients, results, and reputation. So to be quite frank, Birchwood Digital has remained boutique in the field of SEO because it has actually been heavily referral based, or active campaigns I’m pursuing myself.

Very rarely do I onboard someone I haven’t built some sort of relationship with or is truly a “cold lead” but this does happen.

I refuse to give you the expectation of failure. And I refuse to fail you as we pursue your goals.